The Kemist is a London-based fashion brand which celebrates individuality and empowers self-expression. Founded in 2017 by creative powerhouse Sade Akinosho, a self-taught seamstress and passionate businesswoman, The Kemist has become a global sensation for style-conscious women seeking fashion that exudes bold aesthetics.  

Akinosho's mantra: "Own your style. Strut with confidence. Be unapologetically you!" is the heart of The Kemists' creative ethos. The brands' designs transcend beyond clothes and emerge as wearable art – all created to reflect the wearer's personality, mood and style.

A purveyor of distinctive pieces, be it statement co-ord sets, chic party dresses, beautifully tailored suits, and comfy ensembles perfect for long-haul flights, The Kemist crafts fashion immersed in passion, creativity and detail. From everyday casual wear with a unique edge to stand-out ensembles, the brand offers something for every occasion, ensuring that The Kemist woman always stands out.

Boasting an exclusive inventory, stocking limited quantities of each piece and rarely restocking, The Kemist allows for that one-of-a-kind feeling that empowers women to make statements that are uniquely theirs.